Where did summer go???

So the kids and I are spending our summer in TinCup, CO; a tiny little town in the central Rockies (just got internet access, so I can finally share about our travels again). We have been coming to visit for several years, but began working in Frenchy’s CafĂ© last summer. We are here for the summer working again. The weather here has been a little odd. It’s been chilly (think jeans and long sleeves or a light jacket) for most of the days. No biggie. We have started to get used to it. But today, WHAM, a change. It was even colder! Cold enough for snow. How is it June 22nd, the first full day of summer, but snowing??!!

Of course, Matthew thought it was pretty cool to have the snow.

The mountains are just gorgeous with the new snowfall. It has been incredible to see the beauty that surrounds us.

I know we will have warmer weather soon, so I guess us Texas folks should enjoy the snow we very rarely see.