Road trip: Colorado bound

So this weekend we headed out of Texas (just barely escaped the heat advisory) and headed to Tin Cup, CO where the kids and I will spend our summer. Chuck gets to enjoy a week and a half vacation before he heads back to Texas.

So we loaded up the car (and it was packed to the brim) and began our 17 hour drive (yes we drove straight through). When I was the passenger I took pictures to document the trip. It’s neat to watch the scenery change as we go further into Texas, then through New Mexico, and finally Colorado. And let me just say that some of the most amazing views are in Colorado, specifically around the Tin Cup/Taylor Park reservoir area. This summer, the blog will focus on our visit out here.

For much of Texas, construction was found quite often.

If there wasn’t construction, there were windmills.

Pretty much nothingness during our brief travel through New Mexico.

Great views in Colorado.

Found some pretty flowers at one of our stops.

Passing over Monarch Pass. Still snow on the mountain in several spots.

My favorite view! Just as we come up the mountain at the reservoir. I look forward to this site every year!

Had to get in our selfie with the view, of course.

The drive is a long and quite boring. But if you pay attention, you can find some great pictures to take. And once you get to Colorado, it is all worth it. More to come later.

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