Toes in the Water: a beach bound weekend

This past weekend I took my daughter and a couple of her friends to Corpus Christi and Port Aransas. The girls wanted to have a “girls’ weekend” after graduation. So we loaded up the “Red Rocket” (my minivan that has now been traded for a SUV) and headed 2 hours or so south. We checked in to the Hilton Garden Inn in Corpus ( ) and got ourselves settled and cleaned up. My expectations for the hotel were a little higher than what we actually got, but it was still a nice place to stay and I would stay there again. The room was a decent size and fit the 4 of us perfectly. The beds were comfortable but the pillows, oh man, they left a lot to be desired. I’ve never been so disappointed in a hotel pillow before. We stayed at the Hilton for 2 nights so we got to have breakfast two mornings. Full breakfast was available plus fruit, pastries, yogurt, etc.

Since we did not get to Corpus until after 5, we rested, cleaned up, then headed to Blackbeard’s on the Beach ( . We had to wait for about an hour for a table, so we killed some time in the shops and taking pictures during what the girls called the “golden hour” (apparently the perfect time to take a picture since it makes you look like you have a golden tan or something like that, at least according to teenage girls). Not sure that the “golden hour” did anything to our super white legs, LOL.

After our long wait for the table (we did have a group of 7 since a couple of the moms and a sister joined us for one of the days) we finally got seated. I swear, we had at least 4 different servers introducing themselves as our server. I still don’t know who was ACTUALLY our server. We got our drinks and chips and queso fairly quick, but it took FOREVER to get our dinner. We were pretty disappointed with the service. I understand that restaurants get busy and it can take time, but this was ridiculous. There were several groups that were seated AFTER us that got their food before us. In fact, one table actually finished their food before we even got ours. It’s not like anyone ordered anything extravagant (a couple salads, some fried shrimp and chicken, and some burgers). Blackbeard’s is NOT a place I want to eat at again.

Sunday we loaded up waters, sunblock, swimsuits, and snacks and headed to the beach in Port Aransas (also known as Mustang Island). We stayed at the beach located off of Beach Access Road 1A. This was a great location for us. We had restrooms nearby (actually, port-a-potties, but at least there was something) and showers for after we finished at the beach. We arrived before the beach filled up. Got ourselves settled in and sunblocked up (though, come to find out, I didn’t apply it enough times throughout the day).

One of the things I like about the water in Port A is that it is warmer than the Pacific Ocean. You can actually get in the water and not freeze. We did have to pay attention and be a little careful since it was a red flag warning for the riptides. Besides swimming, I spent some time looking for shells and checking out the clouds while I laid in the sun.

We only spent a few hours on the beach due to the heat and us realizing that our sunblock wasn’t doing its job like it should. As I said earlier, we had showers right by us, so after we loaded up the van we got to get the sand and salt washed off of us. From there we spent some time exploring Port Aransas. We found a cool ice cream shop where we had some fruit smoothies. The shop had some interesting decorations. Each wall had a different theme: dogs, Oriental, puppets, and others. The girls played foosball while we cooled off.

We took the ferry to head back to Corpus where I was hoping to get pictures of the sunset, but it’s kinda hard to get shots when the sun sets in the west and the beach faces south/southeast. We did find a place to stop to get a few shots that had a little of the “golden hour” color that the girls were trying to get the night before. I also saw some bird that I enjoyed snapping a few pictures of.

From there we headed to see the Selena Memorial for a bit. I had always heard that the memorial was crowded, but we were fortunate and didn’t have to deal with the crowds.

Since we all were a little red (and by a little, I mean a lot and with some crazy patterns) we decided to spend the few hours on Monday that we had in Corpus at the mall. The girls found a couple of murals to pose in front of (nothing new there).

While the trip was a short getaway, we had fun having a girls’ time. I have spent the last four years with these girls during the millions of cheer events we attended. I am glad to see that they graduated and will be going off to college, but I am sad to have the time with them over. I’ve been “Mama Wimer” to them and have heard all sorts of interesting stories and have some great memories. I will forever be grateful to have this time with the girls.

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