Pine Cove: A camp for all ages

This past week I attended the annual Pine Cove trip in Columbus, TX with our 6th grade students. I don’t typically go on this trip since I am a 5th grade homeroom teacher, but I went this year since our one of our 6th grade teachers has a little baby at home now. This was a pretty fun experience for me, especially since I didn’t attend camps when I was younger.

This camp does educational camps during the school year for schools and in the summer they offer Christ-centered summer camps for elementary, middle school, high school, and families. There are 3 locations for Pine Cove: Columbus, TX, Tyler, TX, and Clemson, SC. Of course the one in Columbus is the closest to San Antonio. And don’t forget, there is Buc-ee’s to stop at along the way to camp and back home.

If you chose to do the family camp, this really would be the one vacation the family would probably take during the year. Family camp begins at $3,656 for the week for the family. The week long camps for elementary, middle school, and high school is $1049 for the week. They do offer payment plans.

The accommodations and activities that are offered at the camp make for a great experience. Family camp includes a family cabin (with a/c), all meals, structured time as a family, free time as a family, alone time for moms and dads, speaker sessions, Bible studies, family worship, and theme nights. Camp counselors are available to help keep an eye on the kids.

For the youth/children’s camps, cabins are also air conditioned and there is a counselor connected to the cabins. These camps have all meals provided, structure time, free time, worship, Bible studies, and theme nights.

The activities at each camp vary according to age appropriateness. But some of the activities include pools, water slides, lazy rivers, ziplines, ropes courses, wakeboarding, go-carts, rockwalls, barn swings, horseback riding, sports courts, and more. When kids leave camp, they will have had an amazing time and will beg to go back.

We spent just 2 1/2 days at camp for the educational camps. These are also Christ-centered camps, however they are camps available to public schools and are adjusted to meet their needs. During the 2 1/2 days we were at camp, we had all meals provided, air-conditioned cabins, free time, and structured times. Our students spent time in the critter class where they learned about various snakes, reptiles, birds, and wallabies. Pody, the parrot was a favorite among the students and adults. He could say words like “hello”, “hola”, “fortnight”, “good-bye”, and he would laugh at you.

Our students also spent some time canoeing. Watching a bunch of 6th graders trying to work together to canoe around the lake was quite entertaining. Some did very well after they finally figured it out, others just could not get the hang of it.

Faces blacked out for privacy.

A favorite activity of the kids was the barn swing. The goal of the swing is to be able to get yourself back up to the platform. Only a couple of students were able to do this. After I got over my fear, I actually found that the barn swing was quite fun.

My first time on the Barn Swing. Took a little bit of courage for me to finally jump off.
Second time on the Barn Swing. No problem getting off this time!

The one thing that took massive begging and prompting and deal making from my students was the zipline. It took the promise of not putting my Expo markers together the rest of the year to finally get me up there. I truly hate grabbing a marker and finding that someone has attached them all together like a long stick. Then I have to pull them apart to get the color I want. Just a pet peeve of being a teacher, I guess. So anyway, that promise was made and the promise of two of the boys to do the zipline with me so that I wouldn’t go alone. When you hear “Please, Mrs. Wimer” over and over again, you tend to give in. So I faced one of my biggest fears and did the zipline. Can’t say that I will do it again, but at least I tried.

Don’t mind the screams, I freak even doing ropes courses at Main Event.

So if you are interested in family/youth camps and like the different activities that can be found at them, Pine Cove is the place to go. We left exhausted, but it was a fun time! Visit for more information and to schedule your trip!

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