Bandera: Cowboy Capital of the World

Saturday the family took a drive out to Bandera, TX. The drive out is a relaxing drive, one that we just move off to the side to let cars pass by. Not being in a hurry to get someplace is a new concept to me, and I am finding that I quite enjoy it.

We had gone to Bandera over spring break and found that it wasn’t very busy on a Tuesday. We could mosey through shops and along the sidewalk and not be in anyone’s way. This weekend it wasn’t so quiet. After we got into town we saw gobs of Harleys.

Even though it was pretty loud and crowded, it was still an enjoyable visit. As soon as we got out of the car, Matthew immediately noticed that there was a big ol’ longhorn on the sidewalk. So of course the first thing we did was check it out. The longhorn was open for kids to sit on for donations. Matthew was climbing up that thing quickly.

Grace didn’t really want to sit on it, but after some coaxing, we got her up. I about died laughing as the longhorn peed as she tried to climb down. She practically jumped off this big guy.

From there we took a walk to the Frontier Times Museum. On the way we passed by the courthouse. This courthouse was built in 1890. Love the look of the historic buildings.

When we reached the museum, we could tell right away that even though it was one of the places advertised as something to do in Bandera, it was not for us. Chuck went inside to make sure it would be worth spending money to go in. But for us, we found it was a “no.” Now if you are a history buff, this would be your place. Lots of displays.













After the walk to the museum, we headed to Country Sweets Bakery for some pastries (I have a separate post on that visit). So glad we stopped there. they have delicious pastries, cookies, and cakes!


After spending time chatting with the owners we just walked through town checking out the shops. There are several shops with cute signs and knick-knacks. When we visited last time, we spent time in The Cowboy Store where Chuck and the kids got hats. The owners had a lot of patience with everyone trying on different hats.

Of course, when you do anything with kids, you eventually hear “I’m hungry. Can we eat?” So we went to O.S.T (Old Spanish Trail). We ate there last time we went to Bandera and enjoyed it, so we had to go back. Prices there are reasonable and portion sizes are great!

After eating, we did a little more window shopping as we headed back to the car. On the way we stopped at the Western Trail Heritage Park. The name is a bit misleading as it is not a park that one would expect. It is actually a tribute to the beginnings and the cowboys of the Great Western Trail cattle drives. There’s a cool horse statue, some historical markers, restrooms, and benches to sit on. 

After spending a few minutes at the park, we drove around random places. In our random driving we came across Bandera City Park. This park was pretty cool. It is located along the Medina River. Swimming, BBQ, equestrian trails, playground, and a skate park are all located there. According to the city of Bandera’s website the fees are as follows:

Weekends and Holidays
April through September, the entry fees are $5 per person ages 4-64. Ages 3 and under are free. Seniors (65+), active duty or retired military, police, fire and emergency response personnel are charged a discounted rate of $3 per person, with proof of ID.

Monday through Friday are free unless there is a holiday.

While there we did some video and some photos for Chuck’s music.

This cool park will definitely be getting another visit from our family when the weather warms up.

If you are looking to get a leisurely drive in, some window shopping, and a quick bite to eat, head on out to Bandera.

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